Information for artists

The Ram Club's Pre-Contractual Note

We are a Folk Club - small fish in a big pond. Sometimes the contracts we get are written for bigger venues or festivals. To avoid confusion, or if you have Madonnic aspirations, please download this note and read it! In particular, we are unable to accommodate requests for foot spas, exotic animals, M & Ms with one colour removed or oxygen enrichment. We can, however, offer a helipad.

Publicity Matters

We have a good relationship with the local press and 'Live music' websites, and their generous coverage really does help to bring in a good crowd.

We would appreciate, by email, the following to help us to publicise the gig:

In addition, please send a large poster to Maggie (address on contract).


Please bear in mind when planning your journey that the M25 can get very congested on Fridays, especially after 4pm, so please allow plenty of time! We like to set up the PA and start a sound check at about 7 - 7:30pm (depending on complexity) to ensure a great sound.

Directions and Travel

The Ram Folk Club's PA System

The Ram Club has a small but effective 12-channel PA system with phantom power that is available for use by our guest artists. This is ideal for solo, duos or small ensembles who don’t have complicated requirements! While our sound crew are competent and experienced, they are (like the rest of the people who run the club), not ‘professionals’. They always strive (and usually succeed) in producing a natural acoustic sound in keeping with the atmospherics of the club, but larger ensembles may prefer to use their own PA system and sound operatives. The Ram Club reserves the right to determine the overall volume of the performance to suit the venue and the preferences of our audience.

Please ensure that you state your preferences at the time of the contract.

What we have:

Important note about Orchid Electronics mutable guitar pre-amp!

Please be aware that if you use an Orchid Electronics guitar pre-amp box it may NOT at present work at our venue due to interference from a nearby phone mast. This is not our fault or that of the manufacturer or anything to do with our equipment, and we are working with the manufacturer to come up with a solution for our venue. In the meantime please bring along an alternative, or use the Ram's equipment. Thank you.

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